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The team

At Accura we are professionals in the relationship of help, each with their own unique trajectory. We are a team in constant training and supervision, motivated by self-knowledge and personal growth, to promote self-support, well-being and fullness of  people we accompany.

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Marta Horrach


Caring has always been present in my life. From a very young age I saw clearly that this was my mission.  At the beginning of my professional career I dedicated myself to nursing, and I graduated in Psychogeriatrics. I later trained as a Gestalt Therapist and NLP Practitioner. I have taken different courses such as the  therapy of  Dysfunctional relationship patterns, grief support, training of trainers, among others. Formed in the  Hoffman process and in training in the SAT program of Integrative Psychology of Dr. Claudio Naranjo. I have worked as a therapist, trainer for different organizations, and provided emotional support groups. All this trajectory has allowed me to make my vocation a profession and at the same time take care of my own wounds. With the desire to contribute everything I have received, I am starting this new project, Accura.

Esther Burgos

Educator, trainer of trainers, body and gestalt therapist, actress and dancer. Over twenty-five years coordinating and creating awareness programs for women, training for teachers, therapists and health professionals, experiential creation groups, dance body movement, Taoist bioenergetics and states of consciousness


Elisabet Tébar

Gestalt Therapist, Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist. Postgraduate from the UB in Natural Therapies. Postgraduate in Geriatrics by URL. Trained in Contemporary Dance (Release, Contact, ..) and body techniques (basic technique, RPG, Feldenkrais, expressive movement, myofascial lines).

Dedicated to individual therapy, training (health, socio-health, education and therapy) and the facilitation of groups since 2003. In training in the SAT program of Integrative Psychotherapy by Claudio Naranjo.

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