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Pre-training Gestalt Therapy

This training was born from the collaboration between the Integrative Institute and Accura. 

The Integrative Institute is a school, a reference in humanistic training, inspired and created from the work of Claudio Naranjo, his Mentor; it values human quality and the professionalism of its teaching staff

Teaching staff of the Integrative Institute of Barcelona and Accura

From January 2023

This pre-training aims to work experientially on the basic contents of Gestalt and give space to the personal work of each student, since in the gestalt approach the interpersonal relationship and the therapist's self-knowledge are essential.


The fundamental aspects that we will start working on in this course are three: PRESENCE, AWARENESS and RESPONSIBILITY for a process of change and transformation from a life dominated by automatisms to another chosen delivery.


From body techniques, work on emotions, group dynamics, spaces for creativity, meditation, games and dramatizations, contexts and situations are generated in which the person can investigate aspects of himself with the valuable and essential contribution of classmates. . These inquiries are carried out in a safe context, as everything that happens there is collected and processed therapeutically.


Experiential work on the basic topics of Gestalt:

  • Here and now. Constant work on the present. Awareness and Realization.

  • The three centers: cognitive, emotional, instinctive.

  • Experience cycle: how to close open “gestalt”, unfinished situations.

  • Polarities: exploring unaccepted aspects of oneself.

  • Working with the body through movement and awareness of sensations as a tool for guidance in life.

  • Explorations of parental relationships (with the family of origin) as long as there is the matrix of our character

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