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Living the body to dance life

Therapeutic space of awareness and experimentation through body expression and dance.

By Esther Burgos, educator, trainer of trainers, body and gestalt therapist and active dancer.

Activity 2 hours a week with cycles of 10 weeks

Through self-exploration and bodily expression we become aware of how we are, what we feel, what our limits are, what our needs are, and we enjoy our creativity, sensitive openness, and freedom.

We will focus on the present and the presence. Gestalt focuses on sensations, perceptions of how we are at all times, what our real needs are behind thoughts and emotions. Beyond tensions the body teaches us the truth of our limits, who we are and what we need.


We will use premises inspired by numerous psychocorporeal techniques, dances, Gestalt therapy, moving meditations… Always in a safe, complicit and playful environment

Let's Work Together

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