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Write who I am

Therapeutic and awareness writing

By Esther Burgos, educator, trainer of trainers, body and gestalt therapist and active dancer.

1 hour a week activities

Writing fiction offers us a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our creativity while opening a space of connection with our unconscious; learn to listen to their messages and know how to decipher them.

Our stories speak of us because we are narrative beings. We need to tell life with stories and thanks to stories we tell life.

Apart from fiction, we will also work on personal diary writing. With the record and awareness of what we think and what we say we will know how we treat ourselves, what beliefs make it difficult for us and we will have a tool for emotional expression.


Writing with this therapeutic vision, in addition to encouraging our creativity, helps us deal with critical situations such as stress, grief or anxiety. It gives us clarity for conflict resolution and emotional management, enhances self-awareness and self-esteem and gives us an integrative view of life experiences.

Let's Work Together

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