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Mindfulness is consciously paying attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity, and acceptance

By Esther Burgos, educator, trainer of trainers, body and gestalt therapist and active dancer.

8-week course of 20 hours in person and 4 hours of practice

As a therapist, I accompany people who are going through difficult life moments that cause them discomfort and who need support to overcome them, thus improving their quality of life and well-being. It is also a work aimed at those who want to start a process of self-knowledge and personal development.


He  The method I use is the result of my professional career and personal growth, so I combine Gestalt therapy techniques with other approaches such as NLP, body work, meditation, etc. 

In a first free interview, which can be online, I do one  case assessment. I start the therapeutic process if I see that the therapy is appropriate for the situation that the person presents; if not, I recommend a specialist who considers it more appropriate to work on what the person needs.


  • Overcoming states of crisis, anxiety, fear and grief.

  • Learn to manage emotions and regain emotional balance.

  •    Reduce discomfort and suffering. 

  • Close pending issues and situations from the past that interfere with the present and do not allow progress.

  • Improve personal, family and social relationships.

  • Develop more effective forms of communication and relationships with others.

  • Identify needs and desires to address one's goals.

  •   Discover alternatives and new ways of dealing with the difficulties and problems of everyday life.

  • Develop self-knowledge.

  • Increase self-esteem.  

  •    Learn to contact your own body and the information it provides.

 Assume responsibility for one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions: take responsibility for one's own life and way of being in the world.

Let's Work Together

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